High School Graduation Invitation Wording

High school graduation. It’s no small accomplishment. Here are some great sample high school graduation invitation wording ideas to help you create irresistible graduation invitations. When sending out graduation invitations, be sure to include all the important information so potential guests know exactly where to be for this exciting day! Choose any of these high school graduation invitation wording ideas to customize in your own way. If you are graduating this year and looking for graduation announcements, Purpletrail.com has a large selection of graduation announcements with these wordings already on some of their cards.

Black Bravo Confetti Graduation Invitation Magnet
Black Bravo Confetti Graduation Invitation Magnet

High School Graduation Invitation Wording

With great pleasure
I, Hannah Elise Berry
announce my graduation from
Tumwater High School
Class of 2019
Please join me in celebration
Commencement Exercises
Friday, June 12, 2019
7 o’clock pm
Herald Stadium


Please join us for an Open House celebration
Georgia Field’s
Graduation from Issaquah High School
Saturday, the first of June
two thousand nineteen
twelve noon to five o’clock
Georgia’s home
412 Front Street
Issaquah, Washington


The Graduating Class of 2019
Proudly announces the graduation of
Helen Chang
Middlebury High School
Join us for Commencement Exercises
June 1, 2019
11 am
Middlebury Gymnasium


Henry Caldwell  is graduating from
San Dimas High School
Celebrate with us
Saturday, June 2nd
Miller’s Pond
1 pm to dusk
Picnic and barbecue fare to be served


Let’s celebrate the graduation of
Maya Sanchez
Liberty Heights High School
Join us at the
Sanchez home
Saturday, the second of June
3 o’clock in the afternoon
Luis and Padma Sanchez


With great pride we joyfully announce
the graduation of
Hillary Benham
Class of 2019

Blackboard Graduation Party Invite
Blackboard Graduation Party Invite

Please join us for a Graduation Day party
Saturday, June 2nd
4 pm
Bayside Restaurant
12 Bayside Road
San Diego, CA
Carolyn and Reginald Benham
The 2019 Graduating Class
Hillside High School
Cordially invite you to join them at
Commencement Exercises
on the third of June
two thousand nineteen
at 10 o’clock in the morning
Hillside Memorial Stadium
4125 Leary Way
Hillside, Oregon


Together we have learned, grown, laughed and cried.
It is time for each of us to move onto a new path
and carry with us the memories of great friends and mentors.
Please join us for
Commencement Exercises for the
Juanita High School graduating
Class of 2019
Friday, June 1st
4 pm
Juanita Gymnasium


Please join us in honor of
Kimberly Lynes
We celebrate her graduation from
Lake Washington High School
Class of 2019
The graduation celebration will be held
Sunday June 4th
6 pm
Bucca di Beppo
701 9th Avenue North
Seattle, WA 98109


Join us for a day of jubilation in regard to
Sarah Finn’s
High School Graduation
Celebrations will be held
July 16, 2019
Lake Du Bay
3332 Lake View Dr.
Stevens Point, WI
Festivities include: picnic, music, swimming, and campfires
Please RSVP with Ms. Finn
email: afinn@mail.com cell:888-999-9999


You are welcome to attend
Kerri Arnold’s High School Grad Bash!
We will be celebrating Kerri’s graduation from
Madison High School
July 23, 2019
Pacific Beach
2333 Sandy Dr.
Santa Barbara, CA
Please come prepared for: swimming, camping, dancing and lots of fun!
RSVP with Martha Arnold
mail: marnold@mail.com cell: 999-999-9999
Class of 2019


We have seen Jeffrey Water’s character, knowledge, and friendships
flourish throughout his time at Jefferson High School
Join us to celebrate Jeffrey’s accomplishments
Jeffrey holds appreciation and will miss all of his classmates and teachers
Please join us for Jeffrey Water’s high school graduation party
May 22, 2019
S. Jones Theater
333 Martin Ln.
Tacoma, WA
Where we will gather for fun, music, and entertainment
Please make RSVP with Matt Waters
email: mwaters@mail.com      cell: 888-999-0099


It’s Time To Party!
You are invited to
Martin Lee’s
High School Graduation Shindig
Pacific Mall
333 1st Ave
Seattle, Washington
The celebration will honor Martin’s graduation from
Green Lake High School
Prepare for: gifts, dancing, food, games, and fun
Please RSVP with Ms. Lee
email: lee@mail.com cell: 999-999-9999

Black and White Photo Graduation Announcement
Black and White Photo Graduation Announcement

“Whatever the mind of man can conceive, it can achieve”  W. Clement Stone
Join us! We are celebrating the accomplishment of
Martha Bing’s
High School Graduation
Martha’s dedication and concentration has lead to success
Let us celebrate her achievement
March 30, 2019
Holiday Park
333 Wood Lake Rd.
Seattle, WA


Feel Joy, Feel Happiness
in praise of
Carla’s High School Graduation
We are holding a party to embrace this momentous occasion
please join us
July 8, 2019
Rose Theater
333 Smith St.
Seattle, WA


With great dedication, comes great achievements
Please join us for a celebratory party
in honor of
Julie Adam’s
High School Graduation
Julie has attained her high school diploma with flying colors
we will celebrate her success
March 22, 2019
MC Convention Center
2223 Evergreen Ln.
Seattle, WA


Celebrate Progress
Mary Smith
Mary has confronted the challenges of high school with courage and grace
she is now a
High School Graduate
Join us for her graduation celebration
March 22, 2019
2222 4th Ave.
Seattle, WA


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