High School Graduation Congratulations Wording

Graduating from high school is a great accomplishment. Graduates will be excited, but also nervous about their future endeavors. They will need support, guidance, and encouragement in order to achieve their impending arrangements and aspirations, and there’s no better way to show support for them than with inspiring graduation congratulations wording.

Extol recent high school graduates with congratulatory cards with fitting graduation congratulations wording. Use the high school graduation congratulations wordings listed below to not only congratulate recent grads, but also prepare them for their futures. 

Graduation Congratulations Wording

Rustic Wood Grain Collage Graduation Invitation

Short Graduation Congratulations Wording Ideas

Sending a short and simple congratulatory card will clearly get your message across and save recent graduates time, who are probably busy enrolling in college or applying for employment.

In addition to this, shorter text will allow for more space on your card for artwork or photos. Show your graduate you care by sending them one of these short and sweet congratulations wording ideas.

Dear Graduate,
Graduation is a time to commemorate your achievements, anticipate for future opportunities, and embrace a world of infinite possibilities.


Congratulations Graduate,
Preparing yourself for future opportunities will lead to success.


You did it Grad,
Remember to always follow your dreams.


Dearest Graduate,

We are really happy for your accomplishments. We pray all of your dreams and wishes come true! Congratulations!


Dear Graduate,
Congrats on your graduation! Relish this wonderful time in your life. The world is yours.


Dear Grad,
Your accomplishments will take you far. Treasure this moment of success and enjoy the journey ahead.


Dear Graduate,
Congratulations. Embrace the joy of your accomplishments and never stop dreaming.

Long Graduation Congratulations Wording Ideas

Graduates will appreciate and treasure long winded congratulation message — knowing you put extra thought and time into their message will make them feel special!

Make your congratulations wording more meaningful by mentioning significant memories the two of you’ve shared or feats they’ve accomplished that you are particularly proud of.

This will also give you an opportunity to say any last words, or make plans, with a graduate who is attending college out of state. Here are few examples of long wording ideas.

Orange Transparency Graduation Announcement
Orange Transparency Graduation Announcement

Dear Mark,
I remember our first days high school. As your best friend  I’m proud to have witnessed your achievements  throughout the years. I am also grateful for all the times you were there for me and all of the great advice you have given me. I wouldn’t have wanted to share so much of my high school experience with any other person. I’m very happy to see that you’re graduating with flying colors. I wish you all the best and much successful endeavors coming in your college life. Please keep in touch.
Yours truly,


Dear Mary,
It brings me so much joy to be a member of your graduating class. We have shared so many great experiences together and I’m looking forward to sharing more in the future. Thank you for always being there for me. Remember to keep in touch, and know that I will always be there if you need someone to talk to. I’m proud to have watched you succeed in so many areas, especially sports. Our basketball team could never have made it to the championship without you. Keep up all of your hard work and congratulations!
Love always,

Black Houndstooth Graduation Announcement
Black Houndstooth Graduation Announcement


“It is good to have an end to journey towards, but it is the journey that matters.” -Ernest Hemingway

Remember this quote upon your journey ahead. Continue to make the right choices and take advantage of opportunities that arise. We are confident you will never cease to confront life’s challenges with grace and courage. We will miss your positive attitude and personality when you move on to college this fall. Please stay in touch and keep us in your thoughts. We hope that you keep moving forward towards your dreams and never stop believing in yourself. Your hard work and dedication will carry you far. We are proud of your success and you are in out thoughts always.
JJ and KC


“All that we are is a result of what we thought.”
Congratulations. A good attitude and positive thinking will help you achieve your future goals. Continue working hard and success will find. We wish you the best of luck on your future endeavors.
GH and FS


Dear Martha,
Your accomplishments and success touches those around you. I am very proud of your efforts and wish you future success. Thank you for all of your wonderful love and support all through high school. Your tutoring and assistance throughout geometry made passing math a possibility. I appreciate all of the time and effort you dedicated to helping me. Remember that happiness shines through a mind that is aware of its own boundless character. Continue to shine. Your efforts will bring happiness to yourself as well as others.

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