Graduation Pool Party Ideas: Decorations, Food, Wording Samples

Are you planning for a graduation pool party? In this graduation pool party ideas post we’ll cover everything from graduation pool party decorations to food to graduation pool party invitations and invitation wording so you’ll have everything you need to plan the perfect poolside affair.

Fun Graduation Party Ideas: Pool Party

With a place to soak in some rays and cool off if it gets too hot,  ample room for seating and tables, and plenty of fun to be had swimming, diving, and playing water sports, holding your graduation celebration poolside has a variety of benefits.

Whether you’ll be holding your graduation pool party at home, at a friends, or at a rented space, prepare plenty of seating, shade, lighting, and towels for guests.

To ensure guests keep warm and dry, try passing out personalized towels, embroidered with the grad of honor’s graduation year and his or her name, as graduation party favors.

Coordinate your graduation pool party decorations with your school colors or pick your own palette or theme, like luau. Add color and festive flavor to your pool by filling it with colorful balloons.

Tiki torches, colorful strings of lights, and even candles can be used as decorative lighting. Set up graduation banners, colorful bunting, photo boards, and a table for your guest book.

Serve summer favorites like BBQ, lemon aid, and watermelon. Use the graduation pool party ideas listed below for more fun graduation party ideas and inspiration!

Fun Wet Paper Graduation Pool Party Invitation

Graduation Pool Party Ideas: Decorations, Floating Flowers

Create gorgeous floating floral decor for your pool with a hot glue gun, fresh cut flowers, and sheets of foam. Use the foam to construct a monogram or a congrats message for the grad.

Then use the hot glue gun to attach the tops of your flower, without the stems, to the foam until the foam is completely covered by flowers. You can also just attach foam pieces to individual flowers to make them float. Find more ideas and instructions here.

Graduation Pool Party Ideas: Games, Activities, Entertainment

You can prepare a volley ball and volley ball net for guests, so they can play a few round of water volley ball if they get bored.

For a more laid back graduation pool party activity, try preparing floating scrabble pieces for your guest by writing letters with a black sharpie on bright yellow mini sponges. Create enough “tiles” for guests to play a round of scrabble. You can also use the tiles to play water Bananagrams.

Prepare a graduation pool party playlist complete with the grad of honor’s favorite songs. Mix in a few of these songs about graduation and beach inspired tunes as well.

Flashy Swimwear Graduation Pool Party Invitation
Flashy Swimwear Graduation Pool Party Invitation

Graduation Pool Party Ideas: Food, Menu, BBQ

If you plan on preparing food on the grill for your pool party graduation party, try adding adding one of these tasty summer BBQ food ideas to the menu. Simple, healthy, and tasty enough for even the pickiest eater, these dishes will surely win your graduation pool party guests over. For more BBQ advice, take a look at this BBQ Tips post.

Graduation Pool Party Ideas: Favors

If you don’t like the idea of passing out embroidered towels as favors at your graduation pool party, try passing out sunglasses instead. Place all of the sunglasses near the entrance of your graduation pool party. Create a sign using colorful paint of sharpies that says, “(insert grad’s name) future’s so bright, you got to wear shades” wording.

Graduation Pool Party Ideas: Banners

Because your graduation pool party will be all about celebrating the grad of honor’s success, decorating your venue with congratulatory banners is highly advised. You can purchase really cute graduation banners on If you’d like to save money, you can also make your own easily enough using whatever you can find, paper, markers, paint, or even wood can be used.

Confetti Celebration Pool Party Graduation Invitation
Confetti Celebration Pool Party Graduation Invitation

Graduation Pool Party Invitations

Your graduation pool party invitations should clearly convey that your graduation party will be held at a pool and that guests should bring swimming gear.

Also note whether or not they should bring gifts. The design of your graduation pool party invitations should correlate to your graduation pool party theme and palette.

You can find exactly what you’re looking for on They have a variety of colorful and graduation pool party invitations to choose from amazing customization options so you can make your graduation pool party invitations as unique as the grad of honor.

Graduation Pool Party Invitation Wording

Fill your graduation pool party invitations with one of the graduation wording ideas below.

Life’s a beach after graduation!
Join us at Jackie Ann Stone’s
High School Graduation Pool Party
July 25th at noon
Our Home
4544 Water Street, Seattle, WA
Please bring a towel. Gifts are optional.


It’s a shore thing, I’m a college grad!
Celebrate Stephen’s Graduation Poolside
College Graduation Pool Party
Sunday — 05.05.2016 — Noon
Blue Community Pool
343 Pine St., Seattle, WA
Please bring your suit and a towel.
Gifts optional.


Turquoise Tile Pool Party Graduation Invitation
Turquoise Tile Pool Party Graduation Invitation

Get your feet wet at Damien’s
Graduation Pool Party
Damien did swimmingly well this past semester
and completed his degree with 3.9 GPA.
Join us to celebrate his hard work and accomplishments
Sunday, July 30th at Noon at
Damien’s Home
343 Smith Street, Seattle, WA
Please bring your suit, sunscreen, and a towel.
Gifts optional.


Come make a splash at Martha’s
Graduation Pool Party
Friday, July 1st at Noon
Our Home
979 West Avenue, Seattle, WA
Food, beverages, fun provided.
Bring swimming gear. Gifts optional.


Hopefully you found these graduation pool party ideas helpful! For more great graduation pool party ideas, take a look at this Pinterest Graduation Pool Party Ideas board. Good luck planning for your graduation party!

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