Graduation Party Checklist, Planning A Graduation Party

Are you planning a graduation party? Use this graduation party checklist to organize a celebration the grad of honor will love and never forget.

Planning A Graduation Party

Rustic Wood Sign Graduation Postcard Invitation

Graduation Party Checklist: Where To Have A Graduation Party

There are plenty of great places to hold your graduation party, but your choice will ultimately depend on your budget and the type of graduation party you’re planning. How much do you have to spend on a graduation party venue? How formal will your graduation party be? These are questions you’ll need to ask yourself in order to determine where to have your graduation party. Below are just a few ideas you can use to get started.

Graduation Party Venue Ideas: At Home

Are you on a tight budget? Holding your graduation party at home will save you time, stress, and most of all money. You can even hold a BBQ graduation party outdoors if you have a backyard that your guests will find comfortable.

Graduation Party Venue Ideas: At A Restaurant

If you don’t feel like cooking or cleaning up after guests, hold your graduation party at a restaurant. You can choose an affordable, casual diner or an upscale eatery — whatever works for you and your budget.

Graduation Party Venue Ideas: At A Park

Most graduations take place in summer and spring, so holding your graduation party outdoors can be fun and relaxing. In addition to holding your graduation party at a nearby park, you can also hold it at more exciting parks, like paint ball parks or even a trampoline park — if there’s one in your area. Find more creative ways to celebrate graduation by following the link provided.

Elegant Watercolor Monogram Graduation Invitation
Elegant Watercolor Monogram Graduation Invitation

Graduation Party Checklist: Invitations, Announcements

After your decide on where to have your graduation party, you can purchase your graduation invitations. has a great selection of cheap graduation invitations and cheap graduation announcements. Follow the link provided to explore their expansive library of fully-customizable templates. For something more elaborate, try for custom graduation inviations and graduation announcements.

Graduation Party Checklist: Decorations

Beyond bunting, banners, and signs, you can use things like potted plants and fresh cut flowers to add color and life to your celebration. Tablecloths, candles, and strings of lights are more formal graduation party decorations you use to spruce up your venue. Photo boards and photo albums will also make nice decoration and conversation pieces for your graduation party.

Graduation Party Checklist: Menu, Food

Just like your venue, your graduation party menu will depend on your budget and the type of graduation party you plan on hosting. If you’re planning a laid-back party on a budget, something simple and cheap, like pizza, will work. If you’re holding a formal graduation party with more to spend, consider splurging on something special.

Entrees like salmon, steak, or chicken will be appropriate for a more formal event. You can also make your menu more interesting with fancy dessert and appetizers. If you’re planning a college graduation party, put together a signature cocktail for your special event. Check out this post for more tips on what to serve at your graduation party.

Simple Typography Postcard Graduation Invitation

Graduation Party Checklist: Games, Activities

Having a few games and activities planned for your graduation party is a great idea, especially if you’ll be entertaining a younger crowd for a high school graduation party. You can keep things simple with card games, like Cards Against Humanity or Apples to Apples, or you can plan something more engaging, like a murder mystery dinner. Learn about all of these options and more in this Graduation Party Games: Fun, Creative Ideas For High School & College Grads post.

Graduation Party Checklist: Favors

Although favors are not a requirement for graduation parties, it can be fun to prepare a special keepsake for your guests. Renting a photo booth is one option, which will not only provide your guests with a photo keepsake of your graduation party, but also double as a form or entertainment. You can fill your photo booth with graduation themed props and even compile a memory book for the grad of honor featuring all of the photos taken in the photo booth though out their graduation party.

Graduation Party Checklist: Thank You Cards

Don’t forget to let your guests know how much you appreciate their love and support. Whether they attended your graduation party or sent the grad of honor a card, let them know you how much you care by sending them a graduation thank you card. Try purchasing your graduation thank you cards with your graduation party invitations and announcements, so you don’t have to pay for shipping twice or worry about buying them later.

If you would like to try something a little different, consider sending your graduation thank you magnets instead. Explore this fine collection of graduation thank you magnets by visiting

Brown Country Chic Graduation Thank You Magnet
Brown Country Chic Graduation Thank You Magnet

Hopefully you found this graduation party checklist helpful! Print it out and follow these tips to ensure you’ve got everything covered for your nearing graduation party. For more graduation party planning tips, the rest of this site has some real good information.

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