Graduate School Graduation Invitation Wording

Achieving a master’s degree is a celebratory achievement. Recent grads will need encouragement as they progress into life after graduate school.  Friends and family members should show their love and support by throwing a graduation party. Grad parties give individuals a time and place to share inspiring advice, regards, and appreciation with recent grads. If you’re planning a graduate grad party, you will need to start thinking about party invitations and invitation wording. Check out the list below for graduate school graduation invitation wording ideas and recommendations.

Navy Corner Graduate School Graduation Invitation
Navy Corner Graduate School Graduation Invitation

And if you’re in search of a unique way to gather guest for your nearing occasion, consider creating custom magnet graduation invitations on Purple Trail. Add photos, custom wording, and embellishments, along with your choice of colors, fonts, and backgrounds. Friends and family will appreciate the practicality of your magnet invitation and hold on to it long after your grad party as a keepsake of this special time in your life.

Formal Graduate Graduation Invitation Wording

Because completing a graduate program requires an abundance of time, dedication, and effort; it’s a good idea to take the graduate’s celebration seriously.  Composing formal grad party invitations will convey this message well. To compose formal invitation wordings focus on spelling out abbreviations, names, and numbers. You will also want to avoid using slang. Try delving deeper into your vocabulary for words that will give your invitation a serious tone. Also use lengthy, complex sentences and avoid including cliches in the invitations. See the examples below for more ideas.

Class of two thousand nineteen
“You can never be overdressed, or over educated.
-Oscar Wilde
An invitation to attend a celebration in honor of
William Fredrick Marko’s
Graduation from
University of Washington, Master of Fine Arts, English
Smith Convention Center
Five thousand twenty four
Fifth avenue


Mr. and Mrs. Black present
an invitation to the graduation party of their daughter
Elizabeth Ann Black
University of Hawaii, MBA
Please attend the open house ceremony
May twenty second, two thousand nineteen
Two hundred five
Kahala Street
Honolulu, Hawaii

Informal Graduate School Graduation Invitation Wording

Formal party invitations are great for classy,  respectable parties. But if you’re planning a more casual or laid back party you’ll need to find the appropriate informal invitation text. The informal writing style will give you the freedom to incorporate slang and cliches in your invitation. It will also allows you to use abbreviations and conversational wording. Check out the following examples for some informal invitation wording ideas.

Class of 2019
Kitty Smith
You are invited to Kitty’s blowout graduate graduation party!
There is no better reason to hold a celebration than kitty’s recent graduation from U-Dub’s Master of Fine Arts program.
We are happy to share the news that Kitty now holds a MFA degree in Creative Writing!
Join us for fun and games!
Kitty’s House
2223 30th Ave.
Seattle, WA
Festivities include: Music, Dinner, Drinks, Dancing
Come prepared to party!
Please RSVP with Martin Smith
email: cell: 999-333-3333


It’s time to Party!
Mark Winters Class of 2019
Join us for to celebrate the graduation of
M. Winters
University of Minnesota’s
MFA, Creative Writing Program
2233 Sawmill Rd.
Minneapolis, Missesota

Descriptive Graduate School Graduation Invitation Wording

Creating descriptive wording is perfect for individuals interested in including extra information within their invitations. Extra information may include: a list of the graduate’s accomplishments, directions to the party, meaningful memories, or inspiring quotes. This extra info will not only bring the guests and the graduate closer, but it will also give the guest something to talk about at the party. For descriptive invitation wording ideas, see the examples below.

“Intelligence plus character-that is the goal of true education.”
― Martin Luther King, Jr.

Throughout the 7 years John spent in college, his character prospered and his intelligence flourished. He enrolled in University of Seattle’s Business program in 2006 and received his bachelor degree in 2010.  He then went on to attend University of Seattle’s MBA program.  While enrolled he was voted most valuable player on his basketball team, a successful member of the debate team, performed 300 hours of community service, and traveled to Japan through the schools JET Program. He finally graduated with honors this year.

We are very proud of Johns accomplish and we invite to join us for celebrations
March 22, 2019
We will be holding the party at our beach house in Harbor View. The address is
2233 Ocean Way
Harbor View, WA

Bold Typography Graduation Invitation
Bold Typography Graduation Invitation

Class of 2019
We are proud to announce the graduation of
Patricia Mary Williams
University of Madison Wisconsin

Patricia Mary Williams has worked 3 long years to attain her MFA in Literature.  During her stay at University of Madison Patricia made the deans list 2 consecutive years, preformed 100 hours of community service at the Madison Humane Society, and developed lifelong friendships with her la cross team mates. We are also proud to announce Patricia acceptance into University of Madison’s doctorate program.

We would be happy to invite you to share and celebrate Patricia’s accomplishments at her
Graduate Graduation Party
March 22, 2019
Snow Crest Lodge
2223 Mountain Ln
Land O Lakes, WI
Come prepared to: ski, snow shoe, and celebrate
Please RSVP with Kathy Williams
email: cell:999-888-0909

Funny Graduate School Graduation Invitation Wording

Funny invitation text is perfect for anyone seeking a more boisterousness wording style. It’s also great for individuals throwing a bash for the graduating class clown. Try coming up with  jokes, comics, or referencing funny stories that involve the graduate. Rhymes and puns are additional ways to jazz up an invite. Your friends, and the recent graduate, will appreciate your creativity and sense of humor. Here are some examples of funny or humorous graduation invitation text.

Bobby Brown
Class of 2019
We never thought we would see the day, when bobby would put down his books and begin to play.
Bobby has spent the past 3 years of grad school studying and his hard work has finally paid off. Bobby has earned his MFA, in History. We are holding a celebration in honor of academic achievement. Please join us
May 22, 2019
Bobby’s House
2343 Water St.
Seattle, WA

Without Geometry Life is Pointless!
Come celebrate the academic accomplishments of
Patrick Stone
Pat recently graduated from
University of Washington
Where he achieved his
Masters of Mathematics
Festivities will be held at
Lake Emily
2233 Sea View Way
Seattle, WA

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