Cute Girl Graduation Party Ideas: Decorations, Themes, Guest Books

If you’re in search of cute girl graduation party ideas, you’ve come to the right place. Below you’ll find a list of cute, fun, and creative graduation party ideas that cover everything from decorations to guest book ideas to graduation party invites for girls and everything in between. Read on for inspiration.

Girl Graduation Party Ideas

Vintage Floral Year Graduation Invitation

Girl Graduation Party Ideas: Cute Graduation Party Ideas

Cute Graduation Party Ideas: Bow Garland

This DIY bow garland tutorial on is very easy to follow and requires only a few materials. The end result is adorable and will add feminine touch to your graduation party. Make your own DIY bow garland and use it to add color and tons of cuteness to a table or doorway.

Cute Graduation Party Ideas: Fresh Flowers

Fresh cut flowers make for wonderful party decorations. Whether you add them to glass vases or use them to make your own wall decoration, they are bound to impress guests with their pleasant fragrance and beauty.

Learn how to make your own flower wall by following the simple instructions on

Girl Graduation Party Ideas, Cute, Fun, Creative
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Cute Graduation Party Ideas: Gift Ideas

Sometimes it’s nice to give the grad of honor a small gift in addition to money and a card. This one line a day memory book is the perfect graduation gift for girls. It’s simple, sweet, and will allow her to record her thoughts and experiences as she embarks on the next stage of her life as a graduate.

Girl Graduation Party Ideas: Fun Graduation Party Ideas

Fun Graduation Party Ideas: Christmas Lights, Photo Garland

Let your favorite photos of the grad shine with this fun graduation party decoration idea. Stretch Christmas lights across a table or wall. Then attach photos of the grad to the wire with miniature close pins. Get more details in this tutorial on

Fun Graduation Party Ideas: Mop Head Tassel Garland

Here’s yet another DIY garland idea — there’s a lot, but garland can really help you create a fun, festive atmosphere for your graduation party; so don’t hesitate to include more than one of these garland ideas in your celebration! Learn how to make your own Mop Head Tassel Garland on Use it to decorate a table or wall.

Cute Girl Graduation Party Ideas: Decorations, Themes, Guest Books
Fun Fruit Kebobs Courtesy Of

Fun Graduation Party Ideas: Edible Fruit Kebob Place Cards

With small alphabet cutters, fresh fruit, and wood skewers you can make your own edible fruit kebob place cards for your graduation party. These are super fun, colorful, and best of all, good for you. Get more details on how to make these creative graduation party decorations on

Girl Graduation Party Ideas: Creative Graduation Party Ideas

Creative Graduation Party Ideas: DIY Photo Tabler Runner

This DIY photo table runner is so much fun. It’s creative, unique, and looks great. Guests will love viewing all of the photos and talking about them as they eat, drink, and mingle.

Creative Graduation Party Ideas: Guest Book Alternative

Instead of a boring, run-of-the-mill, blank guest book, try having your graduation party guests sign something a little more creative, like a globe, a bench, or even the grad of honor’s favorite book.

My favorite creative guest book idea is to set up a photo booth and instruct guests to hold up a sign inscribed with a message to the grad of honor while having their photos taken.

Cute Girl Graduation Party Ideas: Decorations, Themes, Guest Books
Polaroid Photo Guest Book Courtesy Of

Most photo booth rentals have an option where they can make a photo album of the photos taken in the booth at your event. Have them do this and give the book to the grad of honor who can hold onto it as a keepsake of their special day.

Instead of renting a photo booth, you can also just leave a Poloroid Camera and photo album out and ask your guests to write a message on the photos they take before adding them to the photo album.

Creative Graduation Party Ideas: DIY Emoticon Balloons

Try making your own emoticon balloons by following the link provided. They are super cheap and easy to make. Plus they will add tons of style and color to your high school or college graduation party.

Girl Graduation Party Ideas: Girl Graduation Party Themes

Girl Graduation Party Themes: Smart Cookie

This cute girl graduation party theme is as sweet as it is fun. Center your high school graduation party decorations, invitations, and food around a smart cookie theme. Fill you venue with a variety of cookies. Ask guests to bring their favorite cookies to share or enter into a cookie swap.

Showcase photos of the grad of honor throughout her academic career. Add further color with balloons, streamers, and bunting. Try setting up a chalkboard sign inscribed with your party theme and a short congratulatory to note to the grad of honor.

Navy Polaroid Photos Graduation Announcement

Girl Graduation Party Themes: Travel

This girl graduation party theme is perfect for a grad who plans on traveling out of state for college, grad school, or work. Try centering your decorations around where they plan on traveling. Maps, globes, and flags can be used to embellish their destination, along with balloons, bunting, and bright centerpiece.

In addition to decorations, prepare a guest book for friends and family to sign. Ask them to leave a farewell note for the grad of honor along with their contact info and any advice they have to give.

Hopefully you found these girl graduation party ideas, girl graduation party themes, and decoration and guest book tips helpful! For more graduation party decoration ideas, check out our DIY Graduation Decorations, Graduation Party Decoration Ideas, Sign Ideas post.

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