DIY Graduation Decorations, Graduation Party Decoration Ideas, Sign Ideas

If you’re planning for a graduation party, a great way to save money is by making your own DIY graduation decorations. From setting the mood to having a whole matching theme of graduation invites, decorations and outfits. Use these creative DIY graduation decoration ideas to get inspired.

Graduation Party Decoration Ideas

Rustic Wood Grain Collage Graduation Invitation
Rustic Wood Grain Collage Graduation Invitation

DIY Graduation Decorations: DIY Graduation Sign Ideas

Let these DIY graduation sign ideas inspire you to put together your own amazing congratulatory signs for your nearing graduation party.

DIY Graduation Sign Ideas: Chalk

Chalkboard signs are very affordable and easy to make. They can be used to share instructions, labels, your party menu, or a congratulatory message.

You can purchase a regular chalkboard from the store for you graduation party or you can make your own with a frame, the frame’s cardstock backing, chalkboard paint, and chalk. Learn how to make one in this Frugal DIY: Charming Chalkboard Frame post.

DIY Graduation Decorations, Sign Ideas
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DIY Graduation Sign Ideas: Wood

From simply painting a message on a piece of wood or creating wooden letter cutouts, there are plenty of ways to make creative DIY graduation decorations with wood.

Try inscribing your wooden sign with a short, sweet congratulatory note. Or you can purchase or make your own wooden letter cutouts and wrap them in maps, fabric, or book pages (like from Oh! The Places You’ll Go).

DIY Graduation Sign Ideas: Paper

An even cheaper, easier way to make your own signs for graduation is with paper or cardboard.

You can user everything from paint to markers to glitter and everything in between to decorate a DIY paper or card stock graduation sign.

Learn how to make your own DIY letters out of cardboard in this post so you can spell out a celebratory message for the grad of honor.

DIY Graduation Decorations, Sign Ideas
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DIY Graduation Decorations: DIY Graduation Centerpiece Ideas

There are plenty of way to make DIY graduation centerpieces. Here are just a few that you can use spruce up your venue.

DIY Graduation Decorations: Painted Bottles

Make these painted photo bottles for your graduation party. They are simple, colorful, and super easy to make. Learn how by following the link provided.

DIY Graduation Decorations: Potted Plants

This DIY graduation decoration is simple, cheap, and natural. Plus, you can give it away at the end of the party as a favor to your guests. Attach photos to thin pieces of wood and stick them inside of potted plants or flowers, like this.

DIY Graduation Decorations: DIY Photo Tabler Runner

This DIY photo table runner is so much fun. It’s creative, unique, and looks great. Guests will love seeing all of the photos and talking about them as they eat, drink, and mingle.

DIY Graduation Decorations, Sign Ideas
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DIY Graduation Decorations: DIY Graduation Bunting Ideas

You can make DIY bunting out of a variety of things, including fabric, balloons, paper, photos, and more. Check out this DIY graduation bunting ideas below to get inspired.

DIY Graduation Decorations: Photo Garland

Use photo garland to decorate tables at your graduation party. It will not only add a color to your party, but also make for a great conversation piece for guests.

Make your own by printing out your favorite photos of the graduate. Use a hole puncher and ribbon to attach the photos together.

DIY Graduation Decorations: Paper Tassel Garland

This DIY paper tassel garland is another great DIY decoration idea you can use for your graduation party. You can make your own with tissue paper, twine, and hot glue. Learn how to put it together by following the link provided.

DIY Graduation Decorations: DIY Graduation Balloons

Affordable and easy to get your hands on, balloons can be used in a lot of ways to add color and festive flavor to your graduation party. Add cheer to your graduation party with these fun DIY graduation balloon decoration ideas.

DIY Graduation Decorations: Confetti Balloons

Make your own DIY confetti balloons to add color to your grad party. They are super affordable and easy to make. Simply purchase confetti and balloons.

Pour some confetti into your balloons before blowing them up. Learn more by following the link provided. Try attaching the balloons together to create festive bunting or even a congratulatory banner like in this post.

Confetti is a real easy theme to match with graduation invites and outfits if you want to deck out the whole party.

DIY Graduation Decorations, Sign Ideas
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DIY Graduation Decorations: Emoticon Balloons

Try making your own emoticon balloons by following the link provided. They are super cheap and easy to make. Plus they will add tons of style and color to your high school or college graduation party.

DIY Graduation Decorations: Balloon Garland

Create your own balloon garland by attaching balloons together with a string. Stretch it across your venue’s ceiling or a table for added color.

DIY Graduation Decorations: Balloons with fringe tassels

Inflate balloons with helium and secure a thick streamer of fringe tassels to their ends. Let the fringe tassels rest on the floor or place a balloon in each corner of your venue’s ceiling and use the fringe tassels to decorate ceiling space in between each balloon.

DIY Graduation Decorations: Balloon With Photos

Display photos of the grad of honor by attaching them to the ends of strings secured to helium inflated balloons. Then gather the balloons altogether above tables or scatter them throughout your venue so guests have something to look at and talk about.

Hopefully you found these DIY graduation decorations helpful.


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