Cool Graduation Party Ideas For Guys: Mustache Themed Graduation Party

Whether you’re planning a graduation party for yourself, a friend, or your son, you can use these cool graduation party ideas for guys to plan a mustache themed graduation bash your guy grad will never forget! With decorations, favors, games, and some inexpensive graduation invitations we found, you’ll have everything you need to plan a successful graduation party.

High School Graduation Party Ideas For Guys

Eat Study Graduate Penguin Graduation Invitation
Eat Study Graduate Penguin Graduation Invitation

Cool Graduation Party Ideas For Guys: Mustache Graduation Party

What could be more manly than throwing a mustache graduation party? Beyond being about as a masculine as you can get, mustache graduation parties are also super popular, fun, and easy to plan for. Use the guy graduation party ideas below to get your graduation mustache bash started.

Graduation Party Ideas For Guys: Mustache Graduation Party Decorations

Mustache Graduation Party Decorations — Bunting: You can purchase mustache bunting online for your guy graduation party or, if you have time, you can even make it yourself with black construction paper, a hole punch, and yarn. Stretch the mustache bunting across a table or across the ceiling of your venue.

Mustache Graduation Party Decorations — Balloons: Embellish your mustache graduation party theme by inflating balloons and securing small black mustache cutouts onto them. This guy graduation party decoration idea is easy, cheap, and super cute.

This Guy Funny Graduation Invitation
This Guy Funny Graduation Invitation

Mustache Graduation Party Decorations — Straws: Cut mustaches out of black construction paper. Make a hole in the center of your mustache cutouts with a hole punch. Slide the cutouts onto colorful straws for guests to use at your guy graduation party.

Mustache Graduation Party Decorations — Banners: Create plenty of banners congratulating the grad of honor. Create some with a mustache themed graduation message, like “We mustache you celebrate John’s graduation.”

Graduation Party Ideas For Guys: Mustache Graduation Party Food

Prepare plenty of food and drinks for your guests. For a high school graduation party, you can keep things more casual and serve things like pizza, soda, and sweets. For a college graduation party, you’ll want to prepare a more mature spread, which may include wine and spirits, appetizers, and a main course.

For both college and high school guy graduation parties, place signs above your drink table that say, “wet your whiskers.” Set up mustache themed paper cups and plates. Serve a mustache themed graduation cake. Use mustache-shaped cookie cutters to make mustache cookies for your guy graduation party.

Vintage Music Record Graduation Invitation
Vintage Music Record Graduation Invitation

Graduation Party Ideas For Guys: Mustache Graduation Party Games, Entertainment

Purchase a few sets of Name That Mustache Game, a trivia card game, for guests to play in between conversations. Find more graduation party game and celebration ideas in these Graduation Party Games and Graduation Party Activities posts.

Graduation Party Ideas For Guys: Mustache Graduation Invitations

Finding mustache graduation invitations online might be challenging. That’s why we recommend checking out a custom card and invitation company like

Not only do they have an expansive collection of cheap graduation invitations and affordable graduation announcements, but they also have amazing customization options, so you can either create your own mustache graduation party invitations from scratch or personalize one of their guy graduation party invitations to match your celebration.

After you find a guy graduation party invitation you love, use the guy graduation invitation wording ideas below to fill your invite with cute, clever graduation invitation wording.

Fastball Modern Graduation Invitation
Fastball Modern Graduation Invitation

Graduation Party Ideas For Guys: Graduation Invitation Wording

Stache on over to our house to celebrate
John’s High School Graduation
05.05.2019 noon
234 Yellow Rd., Seattle, WA
Food, drinks, entertainment provided.
Well wishing will occur, come prepared.

We mustache you to join us for
Stephen’s High School Graduation Party
July 10th, 2019 at 1:00 pm
Our Home
9898 Park St., Seattle, WA
Hope to see you there!


Hey man!
Will you come to my
stache bash
graduation party?
July 14th, 2019
My House
343 Oak Street, Seattle, WA


Comb on over to Stew’s graduation stache bash
to celebrate his completion of high school
May 30th, 2019 at 5:00 pm
Our Home
3423 West Street, Seattle, WA
No gifts please.

Hopefully you found these graduation party ideas for guys inspiring!

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