College Graduation Invitation Wording

Whether you’re planning a formal college grad party or casual graduation party, you will need to find the perfect college graduation invitations and right invitation wording to inform your friends and family. Although selecting meaningful invitation wording is very important, the process can be difficult and time consuming.

It’s crucial to properly inform your guests of the time, place, and festivities of the event, while also making note of the graduates hard work, dedication, and major academic achievement. Here’s a list of college graduation invitation wording ideas that will help you find the perfect wording for your college graduation invitation.

Stylish Blue Graduation Invitation Magnet
Stylish Blue Graduation Invitation Magnet

On a side note, if you’re in search of a way to set your grad invites apart from the rest, consider creating custom magnet graduation announcements on You can add your own photos, custom wording, and embellishments, along with your choice of fonts, backgrounds, and colors. Friends and family will appreciate the practicality of your grad invite and it will double as a long-lasting keepsake of this special time in your life.

Descriptive College Graduation Invitation Wording

A descriptive graduation party invitation can be used to emphasize a graduates accomplishments, as well as thoroughly prepare guests for the graduation celebration.  For longer text, you might want to consider purchasing a multiple paged invitation; such as a booklet or accordion invitation. Check out the example below for formal graduation invitation wording ideas.

Robert William Jenkins
Robert William Jenkins enrolled in University of Washington’s engineering program four
years ago.  Within that span of time he was named the college basketball team’s most
valuable player, made deans list for three consecutive years, and participated in more than
five hundred hours of community service. In two thousand thirteen Robert graduated with honors and achieved his
BS in Engineering.
Robert will continue his academic journey next fall via University of Washington’s Master of
Engineering program. We are holding a celebration to honor Roberts academic
Friday, March Twenty Second, Two Thousand Nineteen
Five O’clock at Night
Our Cabin
Two Hundred Evergreen Lane
Bellingham, Washington
Celebrations include: dinner, music, games, drinks, camping
Please come prepared for: camping and other outdoor activities
Contact Ms. Jenkins for questions and RSVP
email: cell: 888-999-9898


We have seen Steven Jefferey Adams strive for and finally accomplish an important and enduring goal. College graduation. We are proud to see him fulfill his dream and would like to invite you to his graduation celebration taking place on
May 22, 2019
Our Home
2223 Wilson Drive
Phillips, Wisconsin
Please bring your regard and appreciation
We will also be celebrating Steven’s acceptance into University of Seattle’s graduate school program


Formal College Graduation Invitation Wording

Graduation is a perfect time to practice your formality. You can give your invitation a formal appearance by spelling out abbreviations, names, and numbers. This will make your invitation appear more classy and embellish the importance of the graduates academic accomplishment.

An invitation to attend the graduation party of
Max Allen Jones
Who recently obtained his
BA, History
From University of California
Festivities will take place on
May twenty third
Two thousand and nineteen
At one o’clock in the afternoon
At Max’s home
Three Hundred Mercer Street
San Francisco, California
Please come prepared to regard
Max Allen Jones’s Academic Success


An invitation to commemorate the momentous academic achievement
Sherry Marie Claire
who recently graduated from
University of Maryland
the celebration will be held at
Martin’s Steakhouse
Two hundred five fifth avenue
May fifth two thousand nineteen

Informal College Graduation Invitation Wording

The wording of an informal graduation celebration invite should be short, simple, and concise.  If you are planning a casual graduation party, use this wording style to set the mood. Also, informal wording gives you the freedom to use abbreviations and slang. You can direct your invitation at your audience and create fun, conversational text. This style of wording will also free up space on the invitation and give you the opportunity to show off some nice photos of the graduate. Check out the following example for an idea of what informal graduation invitation wording might look like. 

Class of 2019
Please join us for a celebration honoring the graduation of
Mel Monroe
From University of Hawaii, Bachelor of Arts, English
The celebration will be held
Friday, May 22nd, 2019
7:00 PM
Kahala Beach Resort
1242 Waialae Avenue
Honolulu, Hawaii
Festivities include: barbeque, pupus, drinks, swimming, games, and music
Please bring: swag for the grad and beach attire
Contact Ms. Sherry Monroe for RSVP and Questions

Inspirational Quote Graduation Custom Magnet
Inspirational Quote Graduation Custom Magnet

You’re invited to Valarie Kline’s graduation bash
We’re applauding Val’s accomplishment
May 22, 2019
W.P Steak House
333 2nd Ave
Seattle, WA
Val is now a graduate of  U-dub and holds a BA in English

Themed College Graduation Invitation Wording

You can make your graduation party and invitation unique by choosing a party theme. Try to personalize the theme to the grads interest, personality, or culture. Organizing the grads party around a theme specific to their interest will not only leave the grad of honor feeling special, but it will also make the occasion more fun and memorable.

Get Fresh at Julie Dee’s 80s Themed Graduation Party
Join us for a party in honor of the graduation of
Julie Ann Dee
University of Seattle
East Mall Courtyard
2343 Water St.
Seattle, WA
Festivities include: 80s music, snacks, dancing, games, gifts
Required: must come dressed in most wicked 80s attire
Please contact Mr. Dee for questions and RSVP
email: cell: 999-999-9999


Get spaced at Anthony Peterson’s astronomy themed graduation party!
We are celebrating the graduation of Anthony John Peterson
University of  Utah
Anthony recently received his
BS, in Astronomy
Please join us at
Utah State’s Planetarium
2223 Government Way
Salt Lake City, Utah

Surprise College Graduation Invitation Wording

Surprise parties are fun and memorable ways to celebrate a friends graduation. Because preserving the element of surprise is so tricky; typically surprise parties require extra thought, planning, and attention. Although the planning process may be tedious, the additional time and effort will make your party all the more special. Check out the surprise graduation invitation text below for inspiration. Also, try sending your invitation online to save time and remain discreet.

Let’s Surprise the Grad!
Join us for
Merry Stone’s
Surprise Graduation Party
Friday, March 21
Green Lake Park
2222 West Lake Rd.
Seattle, WA
Celebration will include: picnic, cake, music, gifts, and games
Please contact Mr. Stone for questions and RSVP
email: cell:888-999-9999


Be our guest at our surprise graduation party!
Chelsea M. Fitzgerald
We are celebrating Chelsea’s graduation from University of Stevens Point
Join us for festivities
Woodland Park
7337 Lake View Ln
Stevens Point, Wisconsin

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