College Graduation Congratulations Wording

College graduation is a major life accomplish that deserves proper praise and applause. Express your love and support to recent college grads via congratulation cards with the perfect congratulatory wording. Whether you’re looking to entertain a recent grad with a humorous message, or touch their heart with a more sentimental congratulatory note, here is a wonderful compilation of college graduation congratulations wording.

Formal College Graduation Congratulations Wording

Because graduates have worked long and hard to achieve their degrees, it’s a good idea to take their accomplishment seriously and express your regards in a formal tone. Using a more respectful, considerate approach will also add depth and genuineness to your congratulatory note. Check out this list of formal wordings for ideas.

Dearest Graduate,
Your journey is just beginning. The world is waiting for you to bestow great things upon it. Congratulations on your graduation. May your knowledge carry you far.
Mary Anna Smith


Dear Marissa Marie Howard
Learning is key to success. Continue learning and success will follow.
Happy graduation,
Laura Ann Smith


Dear Elanor Ann King,
We are proud of your wonderful accomplishment. We are confident your hard work and efforts have brightened your future.
Best wishes and Congratulations,
Alice Ann Monroe


Benjamin James Johnson,
It gives me immense pleasure to congratulate you on your successful completion of college. Continue working hard and success will find you.


Congratulations. Your academic accomplishments will bring you far in life. Treasure this moment of success. Embrace the journey ahead.
Mrs. Jones


Dear Graduate,
You have come to the end of one of life’s great  endeavors. Congratulations. Treasure what you have learned and remember that it is not the end of the journey, but the experience that matters.
Best wishes,
Bethany Ann Miller

Informal College Graduation Congratulations Wording

Using an informal wording style will give your note a fun, carefree connotation. This style is perfect for close friends and family members. The informal writing style will also allow you to include slang, abbreviations, and personal quips in your congratulations card. Here are several informal congratulation wording ideas you can use for reference.

Congratulations Brittany Lee,
The tassel was worth the hassle! Best wishes on your post grad journey!
Mary Jones


Congratulation Grad, you did it!
Now the real adventure of life begins. Use the knowledge you’ve gained wisely.
Love Always,


Dear M,
Your hard work and dedication finally paid off! Now, it’s time to cut loose!
Enjoy life and Congrats!

Orange and Blue Bar Modern Graduation Announcement
Orange and Blue Bar Modern Graduation Announcement

Congrats Mike,
We knew you had it in you! Continue to make the right choices. We love seeing you succeed and wish you the best for your future endeavors.


Dear Grad,
Thoughts equal creation. Follow your dreams. Embrace your happiness. Congratulations.

Sentimental College Graduation Congratulations Wording

If you really want to show your love and refined feelings to recent grads, compose your congratulations note in a sentimental wording style. Sentimental notes always make for memorable keepsakes. Plus, graduates will appreciate hearing your heartfelt support and encouragement. Let this list of ideas to assist you with your sentimental congratulations wording.

Dear Grad,
A good idea that is shared with others will live forever. We hope you continue your education and share what you’ve learn with the world.
Congratulations and regards,
Mr. Smith


Dear Grad,
We are very proud of your academic achievement. We know you will continue on to even more success. Best wishes!


Dear Kelly,
We are so happy for your academic success. Keep moving in the right direction and enjoy your life after college. We pray it is filled with happiness.


Dear Grad,
You are intelligent, earnest, and diligent. You shall always walk the high road. Happy Graduation. May god bless you with all that you need to earn many more achievements in life ahead. Congratulations and Well done!


Dear Grad,
“All that we are is a result of what we have thought.” -Buddha
Congratulations. Remember, happy thoughts will lift you skyward. Keep up the good work.

Funny College Graduation Congratulations Wording

Funny Congratulatory wordings are great any grad with a sense of humor. These congratulatory wordings will help recent grads cope with the ironies of college graduation and the world that lies beyond it. Use this list to help you generate ideas of your own.

Congratulations Mathew,
You’re a college graduate. Now get a job.
Lots of laughs,
Mr. Homes


You’re finally a college graduate. In case no one told you, the hill just gets steeper from here.
Lots of laughs,


Congratulation college graduate!
Good luck finding a job. Hope you didn’t major in ancient Sanskrit.


Remember: claiming bankruptcy does not clear your student loans.
Warm regards,
Laine Jones


Dear Grad,
Congratulations. [Insert cheesy quote here].
Lots of laughs,


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